DeFi is wild. In a buzzing market flooded with overexcitement and questionable memecoins, the search for the perfect project to invest in is more complicated than ever before.

With most “projects” being built on outdated, forked, and fundamentally flawed tokenomic systems, whales (investors that hold the most amount of crypto of any given project) have the opportunity to game the process and control the market – leading to massive volatility and unnecessary risk to investors.

Fortunately, through the depths of the sh*tcoin sea emerges a game-changing solution.

Enter $PYRE

$PYRE implements a revolutionary tokenomic system, tackling the problems plaguing the outdated reflection tokens, launching a new paradigm in cryptocurrency – all while striving to make the world a better place.

$PYRE is the people’s coin that says YES.

Yes. I want to give back to the community that supports me.

Yes. I want to be a part of something amazing.

OUR UNIQUE FEATURE? The Dynamic Fee System.

Our dynamic fee/burn/reflection system supports all investor activity from buying to selling to HODLing. We are the first to develop and implement this model, and we’re about to change the crypto space as we know it.

Buckle your seatbelts…


$PYRE is a decentralized token with massive potential to be the next leading coin of the DeFi space. We worked hard to create an entirely unique token with robust code and compelling tokenomics.

  • The first crypto project to implement a dynamic transaction fee system that incentivizes good investor behavior. Unlike other popular tokens, our fees are designed with everyone in mind, and they’re determined by your investing activity. We have gone a huge step further than the simple ‘flat fee’ system of the past.
  • Unforked code. Our token is original, we didn’t copy code like 99% of the projects in this space. We worked harder than anyone else to make something better.
  • Deflationary by design.
  • $PYRE automatically and intelligently adapts to its environment.
  • Protected from whale manipulation by design.
  • Protecting ALL our investors whether buying, selling or HODLing.
  • Code that establishes an automatic liquidity pool from transaction fees, contributing to a solid price floor and securing liquidity as a reward for HODLers.
  • A fee system that rewards token HODLers.
  • $PYRE code discourages day-trading via larger transaction fees
  • Autofunding the project’s operating budget, using a proportion of transaction fees to pay for advertising, social campaigns, giveaways, and more.
  • A strong and supportive community.
  • Funding green and humanitarian causes to change the world with our community.


For each initial $PYRE purchase made, there will be a buyer’s transaction fee (BTF) assessed at 10% of the amount purchased. (We will call this initial amount purchased the “baseline” amount.)

Example 1: The first time you buy 10,000 $PYRE, you will receive 9000 because of the 10% fee. If after 1 week you want to buy 5000 more, a 6.5% fee will be assessed, which means you receive another 4,675.

For the next purchase of the same “baseline” amount of $PYRE (or smaller), a variable BTF will be assessed, starting at 10% and going down by .5%/day, starting the day of the initial purchase. On the 15th day, the BTF will be at 3%, where it stays until the next purchase.

After the second purchase, regardless of the amount purchased and the BTF assessed, the BTF for the third purchase reverts to 10% and goes down by .5% daily until it reaches 3%, where it stays until the next purchase.

The same BTF structure applies to the third and all successive purchases. After each purchase, the BTF for the following purchase reverts to 10% and decreases by .5%/day until it reaches 3%, where it stays until the following purchase.

  • Day 1 – 15: BTF = [10 – (full days elapsed)×.5]%
  • From Day 15: BTF = 3% fixed
  • After each purchase, the clock resets to Day 1

If a purchaser buys a larger amount of $PYRE than the initial “baseline” purchase, the $PYRE code automatically divides that purchase into two parts. One part is the “baseline” amount of the initial $PYRE purchase, which is assessed a BTF according to the above formula. The amount of $PYRE in excess of the “baseline” amount is separately assessed a 10% BTF, and then the total amount purchased becomes the new “baseline” amount going forward.

Example 2: The first time you buy 100,000 $PYRE, you will receive 90,000 because of the 10% fee. If after 1 week you want to buy 500,000 more, the first 100,000 will have a 6.5% fee assessed (6500 $PYRE). The other 400,000 will have a 10% fee assessed (40,000 $PYRE). This results in you receiving 453,500 $PYRE (500,000-46,500).

This BTF structure encourages people to dollar-cost-average into $PYRE, buying initially at a 10% fee and then make subsequent purchases every 14 days (or farther apart) at the lowest 3% fee. With enough purchases, the average fee for all purchases approaches 3% using this strategy.

This BTF structure discourages buying all your $PYRE at once, which would result in a flat buyer’s fee of 10%.


A seller’s transaction fee (STF) will be assessed upon the sale of any $PYRE. The STF starts at 15% on day 1 (the day the $PYRE is purchased) , and it decreases gradually over a 60-day period at a rate of .2%/day, ending up at 3% on day 61, where it stays in perpetuity.

Expressed mathematically:

  • Day 1 – 61: STF = [15 – (days elapsed)×.2]%
  • From Day 61: STF = 3% fixed for any amount sold
  • There is no clock reset: after Day 61, the 3% STF applies to entire amount originally purchased

† If $PYRE was purchased on multiple dates, $PYRE code automatically assesses different STF’s based on when each token was purchased.


A preburn of 200 million $PYRE will create a burn wallet that accumulates “reflections” just like any other wallet, starting at 9%* of all transaction fees and growing over time. With this burn function we ensure the supply will decrease over time. Assuming a constant or increasing demand for the token, this would result in price increase. Burning will continue until $PYRE reaches its initial target supply of 200 million.

* The 9% of fee comes from this calculation (200/1000 = 20% * 45% = 9%) where 200 million is the amount burned, divided by the total supply (1 billion), which is then multiplied by the total percent of fees distributed to all HODLers.


$PYRE’S Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP) acts as a beneficial price stability mechanism for holders.

The contract receives tokens from seller and buyer fees alike, converting them into native tokens (MATIC) and adding them to the LP.
In theory, the added liquidity should support the price floor of the token.

And, in principle, this should mitigate price volatility when large holders decide to sell their tokens, keeping the price from fluctuating as far to the downside.

$PYRE’s tokenomics address some of the persistent troubles we have seen with current DeFi reflection tokens. We are confident that this model and protocol will prevail over the other outdated reflection tokens.


$PYRE’s trading protocol has three simple functions:
Reflection + LP acquisition + Burn

Both BTF’s and STF’s (i.e., two separate fees) are assessed on every $PYRE’s transaction.

Both BTF’s and STF’s are automatically and instantly divided by $PYRE’s code into 3 portions as follows:

45% is distributed pro rata as “reflections” to all $PYRE holders.

45% is deposited into the $PYRE/MATIC trading pair’s liquidity pool (LP) on Quickswap

10% is deposited into $PYRE Operating Wallet


The Pyre, LLC team is very serious about enabling the $PYRE community to reach its goals. To allow them to focus purely on this journey, members of the development team will be eligible to be compensated for their work through token distributions (see initial token allocations below).

Every single token that leaves the $PYRE Operations wallet will be accounted for transparently. We will consistently and automatically update the website with all purchases, token winners and other payments. We will also list all developer wallets, so our community can see every transaction to and from those wallets.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Burned Tokens: 100,000,000

Dev Tokens: 186,000,000

$PYRE Operations: 200,000,000

Quickswap: 214,000,000

ICO Tokens: 300,000,000


$PYRE’s Initial Coin Offering will occur in multiple tranches of 2.5% of the total supply (25 million tokens) each, totaling cumulatively up to 30% of the total supply of 1 billion tokens.  Tranche 1 will be offered at 4 cents USD per token.  Tranche 2 will be offered at 8 cents, while tranches 3 and 4 will be offered at 12 and 16 cents, respectively.  The remaining tranches, if offered, will be priced according to market conditions.
Initial Coin Offering: vesting begins 60 days after token launch, at a rate of 5% per month over a period of 20 months.
Pyre Operations and Team Allotment: vesting begins 60 days after token launch, at a rate of 4.1667% per month over a period of 24 months.



Pyre, LLC is developing a Digital Collectibles Marketplace with features such as asset staking and real-world utility, including cross-platform enabled customizable avatars and accessories, as well as advance access to future $PYRE-related opportunities. The first collection will consist of dragons and various evolutionary levels of human avatars, including the most advanced “keepers”, all designed by world-class artists and using cutting-edge tech. 
$PYRE will serve as the primary currency of this ecosystem.  It will adapt automatically and intelligently to its environment, enabling new and different buying and selling mechanisms inside the Pyre ecosystem, resulting in constant 3% transaction fees for both buyers and sellers.


Current Projects

Although we have many projects on the Pyre timeline, we are including those that will launch concurrently with or shortly after.


To allow investors to purchase $PYRE as easily as possible, we have developed an automated investment platform (AIP) to be released in phase two. Now, instead of having to keep track of the dynamic fee and timing your purchases accordingly, the AIP will allow you to automate this process.

The automation will also be available for selling. Note that funds will never be locked, and can be accessed at any time through your wallet.

The AIP will further contribute to the $PYRE mission of promoting responsible investing, building a community of dollar-cost-averaging users resulting in healthier price movements. Future plans include the addition of a fiat on-ramp, making purchasing $PYRE even easier through card or wire transfer.