JILL BOWERS | Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Background: web development, search engine optimization, marketing, digital art
Projects: XPunks, XWarriors, AneroVerse
Superpowers: Operations, teams, visuals

Having owned and operated her own wholesale website design business for over two decades (, Jill has mastered the art of team building and oversight, which she combines with superior B.S. detection skills to devastating effect. Jill’s work with numerous Web3 projects gave her the insight, skills, and network to oversee the design and construction of the $PYRE token from the ground up.

PAUL HAAS | Chief Operating Officer

Background: orchestral conductor, composer, installation artist
Projects: serial entrepreneur, artistic director of Sympho, SoNA, TBSO
Superpowers: leadership, synthesis, execution, language

Having led numerous arts institutions over a multi-decade career, Paul has developed the ability to lead large and complex teams through high-risk environments, inspiring them to deliver superior work with essentially no margin for error.  It is largely because of Paul’s leadership skills and guidance that Pyre grew from an idea into a viable project.

AISHA-DIOR LUTUMBA | Creative Director

Background: community building, project development, education, creative direction, brand ambassador
Projects: XWarriors, AneroVerse, Tottenham Spur FC, Chelsea FC, Gousto, London Council
Superpowers: Innovation, gaming and digital asset trends, research, branding

A self-professed gaming junkie, Aisha (aka “Mochi”) has spent the majority of her life obsessed with online play. Her creative vision and substantial professional involvement in both the gaming and digital collectibles communities make her Pyre’s secret weapon, allowing us to design projects and products that magically hit that sweet spot, aka “the next big thing”.

PATRICK CASY | Project Development Lead

Background: Solidity, smart contract developer, Web3 management
Projects: Dexify, AGX Finance, AneroVerse, Airdrophouse, Radar Protocol, Taka Protocol
Superpowers: Coding, solving the unsolvable (again and again)

Patrick designed and coded the next-level $PYRE token, and he’s the lead developer for Pyre’s complex gaming- and story-based ecosystem.  He singlehandedly has created a new form of decentralized customizable digital assets, and it’s because of him that we have an avatar unmatched in the Web3 space.