/ P Y R E

A platform and web3 ecosystem that is leading the bleeding edge of decentralized customizable NFT-powered digital identities. An iterative ongoing revolution in the way we’ll interact with each other online. An artist-led project which puts your experience first.

/ S T O R Y

Above all, Pyre is a compelling web3 story. It is our collective story, a fictionalized version of this precarious moment in human history. By taking part in this story, our community will gain agency to change the course of actual world events in a real, tangible way.

/ M A R K E T P L A C E

Pyre is a marketplace, bringing together buyers and sellers of Atlas human avatars, dragons, other creatures, and – most importantly – their individual traits.

/ E C O N O M Y

We are at the forefront of a decentralized “trait economy”, where users can create art and build value over time through engagement and participation.

/  I N T E R O P E R A B I L I T Y

We are not only providing customizable and ownable avatars that are usable in Pyre’s gaming- and story-based ecosystem, but we’re also making it possible for the avatar’s owner to use it on all platforms, across the metaverse.

/ C O M P E T I T I O N

The next “big thing” in NFTs will be customizable NFTs. Already there are many projects offering customization. To a project, they are all centralized, and thus the team retains control over the user’s metadata.

This means those collections and projects have opened themselves and their communities up to untold security risks, and they have the ability to defraud the user by tampering with metadata. In short, they require the user’s trust.

/ D E C E N T R A L I Z A T I O N

We are decentralized. This means that all user metadata is saved on Pinata decentralized storage, and transactions are recorded on the MATIC blockchain, both viewable and verifiable by everyone. As such, we are trustless and head and shoulders above the competition.

Pyre has a centralized server that creates art and metadata, but final decisions rest with the user. The metadata is stored in Pinata, not on the central server, and is finally updated through a transaction via the user’s wallet.

Since the metadata is updated on the user side, no one – not even the central server administrators – can update the user’s metadata. This protects the entire community from possible hacking and allows users to safely manage their NFTs without the need for trust in third parties.

/ F U T U R E

The smartest minds in the meta space believe digital identity trait reselling will soon be a multi-billion dollar industry, and we are quite literally the first decentralized player.

/ C O L L E C T O R S

Collectors will be able to buy, sell, equip and swap avatar and creature traits from and across all collections.

/ C R E A T O R S

We are all creators and artists. Pyre enables each of us to express ourselves digitally, allowing us to build avatars and web3 personalities that fully embody who we wish to be. And, even more importantly, Pyre allows us to change as we desire, over time, following (or avoiding!) fashion and cultural trends.

/ F I R S T

The first collection to launch on the marketplace will be Atlas Human Avatars, followed shortly by new limited edition traits, clothing, and accessories. The Atlas Avatar will be customizable both at minting and going forward through time.

/ N E X T

Atlas Avatars, if they so choose, can join up with the Resistance and train to become Keepers, gaining new visual traits and abilities, including the right to keep Dragons.

/ R A R I T Y

Atlas Avatars and Dragons can improve their rarity over time. Every Avatar starts out with the same rarity, and every user choice or transaction either builds or strips away rarity and value.

All Atlas Avatars and Dragons have the ability to train or be trained, yet another way to increase their rarity and value.

All NFTs in Pyre collections – both now and going forward – will keep their rarity, allowing the user to buy and sell Avatars, Dragons, traits, clothing, and accessories as standalone items. The new owner will be able to apply the new trait seamlessly to their Avatar or Dragon.

/ G E M S

Gems are the rarest Pyre NFTs and will be minted on the ETH chain. The owner of a Gem is first in line for every Pyre project, forever. Think of it as a perpetual whitelist (and know that Pyre has over a dozen expansion projects planned over the coming two years alone).

Gem owners will also receive other benefits, including of course occasional airdrops and “owners-only” rare mintings. There will only ever be 333 Gems.

/ $ M A T I C

All Atlas NFT collections will be powered and backed by $MATIC.

/ $ P Y R E

All Pyre NFT collections will be powered and backed by $PYRE.

/ L I Q U I D I T Y

The Genesis Atlas Avatar customizable NFT collection will supply initial liquidity to the $PYRE-$MATIC trading pair on QuickSwap.

/ M O R E

Visit for $PYRE whitepaper/milestones, as well as projects and team information.

/ T R A N S P A R E N C Y

The Pyre community deserves complete transparency. Therefore, the entire team is doxxed. All Pyre operating and dev wallets will be identified, and transactions from all Pyre wallets will be instantly accounted for publicly.

/ S O L I D

Pyre is a solid project. A real project. A fully developed project, with an extraordinary and talented team. We are not a few teenagers in a basement trying to make a buck. We are an organized, creative, cutting-edge, and most of all generous project.

/ J O I N

Join us at @PyreWeb3 for the full story.